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Merino Pants

Merino Pants

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Introducing our Elastic-Waisted Pants with Built-In Booties, proudly crafted in New Zealand to ensure comfort and warmth for your baby year-round. Key features include:

  • Built-In Booties: Ensures baby's feet stay warm and cozy.
  • Cute Contrast Panda Patch: Adds a charming detail to the bottom.
  • 100% Merino Jersey Wool: Provides softness and natural insulation.
  • Warmth Even When Damp: Ideal for unpredictable weather.
  • Layering Compatibility: Perfect for pairing with cardigans and tees.
  • Natural Wool Benefits: Includes moisture-wicking and UV resistance.
  • Renewable, Sustainable, Biodegradable: Supports eco-conscious choices.
  • NZ-Made Quality: Offers assurance of premium Merino wool craftsmanship.

Discover the ultimate comfort and warmth for your baby with our NZ-made Elastic-Waisted Pants—perfect for every season.

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